Fox Commission....Step Four Final

Now the next face is complete.....

Step 4 Final

This Red Fox has the attitude that I wanted for this portrait...wary, listening, very alert.

The first two portraits together....

These two portraits were of the same fox that I photographed a few years ago. He was at an animal rehabilitation clinic recovering from being hit by a car. Because of his injuries, one of his back legs was removed by the veteranarian that owns the clinic. These photos were taken just a few days before he was to be released back into the wild.

He occupied an enclosed sunporch and had a large dog carrier as his "den". Just as I slipped through the sliding glass doors to visit him, the vet said "watch him, he bites". So armed with this knowledge, I approached his den. He wasn't exactly thrilled to see me.

The look on his face was hostile, so I just stood silently, about 4 feet from him and didn't look directly at him except for quick glances occasionally. Now and then I would whisper to him. After about 10 minutes or so, he started to relax and the hostile look left his eyes. He was still very alert, but I knew I wasn't in any danger of being bitten.

Then I started taking photos....the results are above.

Oh, he is getting along just fine in the wild, even with a missing leg.

More soon!

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